Why African American History

African American History: The Untold Stories was written to connect Americans who could benefit from understanding and connecting with their history. An understanding of history helps us to understand who we are while providing direction for who we are capable of becoming.

African American History: The Untold Stories will aid African American boys with the interest of having insight into a narrative of their forefathers and a more accurate perception of themselves and their potential. 

  1. Engages an interest of learning for the African American students by developing self-esteem and identity which improves their academic outcomes.
  2. The deliberate disenfranchisement of African American stories and contributions in the building of American continues to spread the white supremacy, which promotes racism, stereotyping, prejudice and intolerance.
  3. History helps to teach patriotism and allows for the opportunity to feel pride in ones heritage and culture, which creates a connection to and individual’s true roots as an American. Focusing on the commonalities that bind us rather than the differences that separate us. This is a form of healing and a method of uniting our nation. Blacks and whites both made enormous sacrifices and contributions to help build this nation.
  4. A full and accurate account of American history will help to show the contributions that Africans did to help build the nation and will also show the cruel behavior that was conducted for greed. History can also teach African American students that the majority of whites were not in support of America’s shackle slavery legacy. Work remains to be done in recognizing and holding accountable those who did and continue to engage in prejudicial mistreatment of African Americans.
  5. An honest and true history helps to develop self-esteem and identity for children during the developmental years and for individuals as a whole.
  6. Learning history, teaches about behavior and events of the past, which helps to avoid past mistakes.